…from “The Pill That Killed Hendrix” album now streaming on Bandcamp.

We had a grand time! Thanks for coming and having fun!
See photos at Me So Hungry food blog!

Song: “Spend Your Nights in Bars” from our album “The Pill That Killed Hendrix”

Painted by the legend, Boris Vallejo …our forthcoming album “Animals Will Be Stoned”. Stay tuned.

New JOTU video by Kokomo Productions. Song to be released on our forthcoming album.

…courtesy of Ramenandfriends.com

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We’re back from fishing in the Gulf. Check out Me So Hungry for photos and videos.
New album getting ready to explode later this year. We have an awesome cover on the way.
Also, we’re either doing some standup or music at IT IS IT comedy show at Pianos (NYC), Monday July 5th, 2010 8pm. FREE. Jason will either be there or at Faith No More.

This is better than our version.

Justice of the Unicorns – Pterodactyl Sun from Jason Lam on Vimeo.


We’re throwing this backyard party at the Lock-Inn –celebrating Spring, music, cookout & Matt’s birthday.

Music by: Justice of the Unicorns, Marcellus Hall, Tigers and Monkeys, This Frontier Needs Heroes.

Theme: Dangerous food. We’ll have grills going to make food for party people. Feel free to bring extra grub to throw on.

Ghost Pepper eating contest! Person who doesn’t die, wins!

And we’re going to have this shocking game: