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Album of the Month on Ryan’s Smashing Life!

Very honest review on Herohill!

Apparently we are funny (…I hope not funny looking) –Berkeley Place!

We got a rad smiley face in Vice Magazine!

Best New Releases on Indie Rock Cafe!

The Interesting Albums of 2011 (So Far) on Nothing to Say & Saying It

Thank you! Animals Will Be Stoned out now (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc)

We made a video for one of the most supportive music blogs of the JOTU
Ryan’s Smashing Life


…from “The Pill That Killed Hendrix” album now streaming on Bandcamp.

Song: “Spend Your Nights in Bars” from our album “The Pill That Killed Hendrix”

New JOTU video by Kokomo Productions. Song to be released on our forthcoming album.