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Double Rain-bowing #TEBOWING


We had a grand time! Thanks for coming and having fun!
See photos at Me So Hungry food blog!

Painted by the legend, Boris Vallejo …our forthcoming album “Animals Will Be Stoned”. Stay tuned.

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We’re back from fishing in the Gulf. Check out Me So Hungry for photos and videos.
New album getting ready to explode later this year. We have an awesome cover on the way.
Also, we’re either doing some standup or music at IT IS IT comedy show at Pianos (NYC), Monday July 5th, 2010 8pm. FREE. Jason will either be there or at Faith No More.

These are my new kicks. The box had Chinese writing all over it. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but in person it looks like medical supply shoes or what waitresses at Denny’s wear. I ordered it from a site that had all these cool Nikes. I couldn’t find these designs from a reputable merchant. Probably because they aren’t real. Anyway, time to wear these and be the life of the party. –Jason
Jason's New Air Force OneFake Nike

We passed by this cool Chevy Nova when we were out shopping for new Air Jordans. The owner showed us the DVD of him rebuilding the car. Not the video, just the disc.
Rusty's Future Ride

hot as hell