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Album of the Month on Ryan’s Smashing Life!

Very honest review on Herohill!

Apparently we are funny (…I hope not funny looking) –Berkeley Place!

We got a rad smiley face in Vice Magazine!

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The Interesting Albums of 2011 (So Far) on Nothing to Say & Saying It

Thank you! Animals Will Be Stoned out now (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc)

We made a video for one of the most supportive music blogs of the JOTU
Ryan’s Smashing Life


?? Dang. Our first album is now on sale for a limited time for as low as $1 (pay what you want). Hope this holds you over until our new album “Animals Will Be Stoned” comes out May 17th.

Check out the early word on our upcoming album Animals Will Be Stoned, due May 17th 2011.
- Lost at E Minor
- Tech and Tunes
- – The Most Badass Fantasy Album Covers

Thank you.